Markus will mount all game species from around the world
Shoulder, pedestal and full mounts
If you want a hunting trophy to be proud of, call Markus
Quality work at reasonable rates
Many years of experience

To see some photos of Markus’s taxidermy work, click here.
For a copy of the taxidermy BOOKING FORM & TERMS & CONDITIONS, click here

Open mouth mounts available for an additional $200

Pedestal mounts available for an additional 15% on top of cost with felt backing (Leather backing an extra $50.00)
“Life Size” includes standard base only
Removable antlers available for an additional 15% on top of normal shoulder mount price.
50% deposit required on booking


Species (South Pacific) Trophy Head $ Life Size $
Banteng 1700 On request
Buffalo (Asiatic) 2200 On request
Scrub Bulls 1850 On request
Bulls (Brahman) 2400 On request
Blackbuck 800 On request
Boar 800 On request
Chamois 720 On request
Chital Deer 800 On request
Dingo 650 On request
Fox 550 On request
Fallow Deer 800 On request
Goat 750 On request
Hog Deer 750 On request
Red Deer 900 On request
Rusa Deer 800 On request
Sambar Deer 900 On request
Sika Deer 800 On request
Thar 800 On request


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