About Us

Markus Michalowitz moved to Australia 33 years ago. Originally born in Germany, he grew up in India and lived in Africa for some time.

His father hunted in all these countries and when the family moved to Australia, Markus started hunting.

He has always been fascinated with the art of Taxidermy, loving to go to the museums to look at the different animals.
After seeing trophies on friend’s walls, he wanted some for himself, and this is how it all started, 20 years ago.
Markus now uses his extensive knowledge gained from years of hunting to regularly guide clients onto some of the best trophy Red and Rusa Deer in Australia.

Due to the high quality of Markus’s taxidermy and guiding, his clientele has grown quickly, making Down Under Taxidermy the business it is today. We endeavour to produce the best possible mounts, in the shortest possible time for our clients, which are spread all over Australia and the world.

Due to the high demand for Pet Taxidermy, we added Freeze Drying as a service we provide now. It also allows us to preserve soft velvet Antlers and work on Boars and other smaller mammals more efficiently.

Markus with a lovely Kudu Bull

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